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We've entered the 21st century and began to integrate with the usual suspects - you can begin following us on and you can 'Like' us on Facebook. As an incentive, everybody that is following our Facebook page will have something additional on their RPG2KNET profiles when the website goes live.

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Tonberry's Back!
Current Work: Dedicated to Bret and Chris...

the rpg2knet podcast … It's nutty...!


Join rpg2knet.com staff members Adrian and Dom with special guest star 'Atlas', in the all-new podcast. In the first installment they put two of rpg2knet's projects under the microscope, talk about the pros and cons of Enterbrains new maker 'RPG Maker VX' and even find time to chat about the Radiohead animation contest. You can read more at the podcast blog or just grab it here.

rpg2knet.com: rpgmaker & game creation community

To those who know us:
Welcome back. If you know us and we know you, you'll probably be listed in the hall of fame by now, which is located in the rpg2knet wiki. If you're an old school 2knet visitor, join the IRC and say hi - tell us what you're up to these days. Big greets to the old staff (see below), the old forum goers and irc veterans.

To those who don't:
Hello! I'm not sure how you found this splash, but we used to be one of the larger RPG game creation communities on the web. We've been completely inactive (read: dead) for the past two or so years, but we're bringing it back. We'd like to hear your thoughts on what the community needs right now.

To staff members fallen by the wayside:
I'd like to hear from you guys. I don't know how many of you still optimistically check back to see what is happening here, but I'm in IRC most days under the alias 'jonte'. Come find me, or if you don't use IRC for whatever reason you can use the form above (let me know your most recent e-mail address). Since I'm applying WD40 to the site and recoding it, I'd like to know who is still interested in rpg2knet, and wants to help out.

rpg2knet.com: what went wrong?

rpg2knet.com has just reached her 16th birthday (2nd April 1999 - 2nd April, 2015). The domain has been active during the last ten or so years after the decision was made to move from free hosting over to paid, and eventually over to a dedicated server.

For the past 8 years, the site has been in complete disrepair. As the old server began to outlive it's usefulness and was eventually dropped, many of the sites and services (including our IRC Network, phrenzy) were moved over to the new dedicated server Dante, on the West coast Aeons, just outside of London, UK. Since this period, a dreary splash page and a band of loyal members are all that are left of rpg2knet.com's little legacy.

I've decided that this isn't right. rpg2knet.com has been through a lot; People have made friends, grown up here, spent a lot of their life being a part of this - we've even had one marriage facilitated by the existance of the old website. Those of you who were around four or five years ago will remember how good it was -- and it can be again.

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